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How Should Your Financial Planner Manage The Next 4/8 years?

| November 18, 2016
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Financial Planning

If Good Government Was Required For People To Be Financially Successful, Everyone Would Be Broke!

Your Financial Advisors Job is NOT to guess what’s going to happen in the future or advise you to make short-term adjustments, while hoping things go well.


 Your Financial Advisors Job should be:

To work side by side with you and develop a plan for you and your family’s Personal Economy.Your Advisor holds you accountable to implement the plan you developed, and stick to it, regardless of what’s happening outside of your control.

Financial success has never been about who is the President!  It’s about ensuring you have the highest probability of achieving your goals, regardless of short term market swings, world chaos, what happens in the market and the economy, or in our Presidential Elections.

So, How Should Your Financial Planner Manage The Next 4/8 years?

 At Michael Phillips Black Wealth Management, we use a Six Step Method to Manage our Clients Personal Economy and we constantly cycle through these steps during our quarterly review process. We make sure to guide our clients’ on the path where they can live their lives the way they choose no matter who the President may be.

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