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Michael P. Black 

Owner, CFP®, CDFA®  , AIF® 

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Julie Berry 

Accounts Manager

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Lisa Campbell 

Administrative Assistant 

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We Have A Few Important Ingredients In Our Blend Of Service Called:


Confidence        Consistency     Competency      Communication

Our Clients Can Be Assured That Their Financial Best Interest Always Comes First

Financial planning is a vitally important step for you to fully prepare for your future. With over 30 years of professional experience, we believe it is our level of personal service that separates our firm from the crowd. We are an innovative wealth management firm that provides individually customized advice to our clients as we strive to continuously exceed their expectations every single day, without exception.

We make sure our investment vehicles have gone through extensive research by our firm and due diligence team. We personally visit locations and meet the risk managers of investments we recommend. We remain independent of recommended investments, which allows us to provide an unbiased selection of investment vehicles that would not be possible in a large brokerage firm environment.

We Provide A Plan: 


Utilizing superior financial software, we build a financial map detailing your personal economy and what must be accomplished for you to meet your financial goals.

We Follow Up:

We pride ourselves on being highly accessible to our clients, keeping in close contact in whatever ways best serve each individual, whether that is through scheduled meetings, phone calls, email, or even Facebook. The foundation of our business is client relationships, and we strive to ensure that you can reach us whenever and however you need. If there is anything we can do to make your financial life successful, we are here to accommodate you.

Client Centered

We Work With You Every Step Of The Way

In Building A Model Plan

That Will Meet Your Individual Goals

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