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“Living Well & Aging Well”  An Event For Us All

“Living Well & Aging Well” An Event For Us All

| March 09, 2017

   Why are we hosting this event?

This event was inspired by the recent success of our client and consulting partner Becky Feola. She became an award winning Author, with her book “The Eldercare Consultant”. Becky has helped Our Firm over the years prepare our clients for their next phase in life. With her extensive knowledge in senior care and care-giving she has become our most reliable resource in finding and facilitating the right care for our clients and family members.


               Who is this for?

This Event is for everyone. We all reach a point where extra help is needed to continue to maintain our chosen lifestyle. We would like to keep you and your loved ones along the path of living life by your design. Are you currently looking for a care giver? Are you seeking special care for a loved one? Are you a planner, wanting to get all your ducks in row early? There are so many reasons why this event is for you at any age.

                    What will be discussed?

Becky will start our conversation discussing why it's so important to have a plan in place for you or your loved ones as they come of age and begin to need assistance. Many of these questions have been well researched and are covered in her featured book. “The Eldercare Consultant.” Michael will be presenting the "Financial Realities" that go along with Long-Term Aging Needs. This will be a comprehensive discussion to outline strategies for you and your loved ones to "Live Well and Aging Well"

Where is it?

We would like to erase the negative stereotype of the Senior Living Facility. The Fact is there are some really great facilities that offer many options of care; from Independent Living to In-Home Care. La Siena is a beautiful property and the managers have been more than willing to offer us a venue for this event. They will also be giving you and opportunity to tour La Siena, which we feel will greatly benefit our attendees.


 La Siena

909 East Northern Avenue
Phoenix, AZ • 85020


April 20th, 2017


We hope you will join us

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