Broker Check

Financial Checklist


Credit Cards, Student Loans, Other Debt

  1.  Close out joint account or remove spouse?

  2.  Remove authorized user?

  3.  Are new accounts in place?

  4.  Is closeout or payoff required by Agreement?

  5.  Who is responsible for continuing payments of outstanding balances?

  6.  Change address, and change email, online passcodes.

Credit Report

Get a copy of credit reports to verify that accounts are closed/transferred as agreed. Monitor for unauthorized use of credit.


Spousal Maintenance

  1.  When does it start?

  2.  How is it being paid?

  3.  Income deduction orders required?

  4.  Direct deposit set up?

         a.  Terminable?
               I. Start/End date? Triggers? Avoid child contingency
         a.  Non‐terminable
               I. Start/End date?

Child Support

  1.  When does it start?

  2.  Where/how is it being paid?

  3.  Income deduction orders required?

  4.  Child Support Collection Unit involved?

Social Security

  If of age, begin collecting on benefit, or spouse’s benefit?


Tax Preparer

  1.  Need a new one?

  2.  Quarterly payments necessary?

  3.  What records to keep?

  4.  Adjust withholding (W‐4) whether paying or receiving?

  5.  Who claims the children as Dependents? (Form 8832 to transfer exemption to noncustodial parent)

  6.  Tax Filing Status?

Taxes Due

  1.  On sale of Real Estate, Investments or Withdrawal from Retirement Accounts?

  2.  Penalties due upon withdrawal of Retirement Accounts, Annuities, Cash Value of
       Life Insurance?