Broker Check

Insurance Checklist

Health Insurance

  1.  When is divorce final?

  2.  Has the insurance company been notified?

  3.  COBRA vs Marketplace vs Private Purchase?

  4.  Who will maintain coverage for children?

  5.  Allocation of premium expense?

Life Insurance

  1.  Type cash value (if any) ownership reviewed, based on obligations in the Agreement. Beneficiaries can now be changed.

  2.  Does Agreement have any restrictions?

  3.  Is the coverage adequate for current needs?

  4.  Where are statements and invoices sent?

  5.  Change address/email?

  6.  Still comfortable with current agent?

  7.  Proof of continued coverage?

Property and Casualty Coverage

  1.  Policies to be separated, re‐quoted, adjusted for new status:

  2.  Auto/homeowners or renters/umbrella coverage

  3.  Is flood insurance now required?

  4.  Who will cover cars of children, if needed?

Long‐term Care Insurance

  1.  If a joint policy is in place, who pays?

  2.  How is benefit allocated?

  3.  Can the policy be separated?

  4.  If new coverage is required, who pays?

Disability Insurance

  1.  Does the Agreement include a new policy?

  2.  Who pays?

  3.  Is proof of coverage required?