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The Investment Policy for MPBWM is divided into two basic themes for managing the Global Stock and Bond Markets:

The Risk Managed Approach is to protect against falling Markets

We use Institutional Mutual funds and Separately Managed Accounts. These managers use various processes to manage risk, such as Hedged Equities (using Put options against a portfolio of US Stocks or Indexes), Momentum Strategies to shift portfolios to defensive positions (Cash), Unconstrained Bond Funds, Long/Short funds, Global Macro managers (Global Allocations based on the Macro Economic drivers), and Momentum-Driven Sector Rotation Strategies.

The Market Participation Approach is based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), which won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1990

This Approach is based on a globally diversified portfolio of Stock and Bond Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). Through Computer analysis from the research generated by the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), the Long-Term risks and returns of various portfolios can be defined and tailored to the individual investor. The object is to capture Market Returns.

Also,when appropriate...We employ the use of Alternative Investments, such as Non-Traded REITS, purchased both when issued and on the secondary markets, Oil & Gas investments and other alternatives to the traded markets when opportunistic

Determining the allocation between Risk Managers and Market Participation is based on each investors Risk Tolerance, Stage in Life, Required Returns and Market Conditions. For an investor approaching retirement or in retirement, we tend to allocate more to the Risk Managers. Retiring investors relying on their portfolios for income may not be able to financially survive a major market crash.

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