Broker Check

Assets Checklist

Cash Assets

   1.  Checking, Savings, Credit Union, Money Market Accounts, CD’s, Securities, Vested Stock Options, Brokerage                                                                   Accounts, Mutual Funds, US Savings bonds, Precious Metals and Currency, Cyber Currency

   2.  Where are Statements Sent?

          a.  Change address?
          b.  Remove spouse name?
          c.  Open new accounts in single name?
          d.  Change Beneficiary Designations?
          e.  Check Agreement for restrictions

   3.  Make Arrangements for Transfer of Funds

   4.  What Documentation is Required to Withdraw and/or Transfer Funds?

          a.  Stock power required?

Deferred Income Assets

   1.  Pension and Profit Sharing Plans

         a.  401(k)
         b.  403(b)
         c.  457

   2.  Deferred Compensation


   4.  Keogh

   5.  IRAs (Roth and Traditional)

   6.  Stock options

   7.   Incentive plans

   8.  Annuities

         a.  What does the Agreement provide for each of these assets?
         b.  Beneficiary designations can now be changedā€ does the Agreement have any restrictions?
         c.  Where are statements sent?
         d.  Change address?
         e.  Letters of instruction for change of ownership?
          f.  QDRO needed?
         g.   If retired, recalculate RMDs

Motor Vehicles

    1.  Motor vehicles, boats, airplanes, motorcycles, RV, and other vehicles

        a.  Titles need to be transferred?
        b.  Insurance separated and re-quoted?
        c.  Refinance done on loans?
        d.  Keys returned?
        e.  EZ pass returned
        f.  account separated,
       g.  Are tags turned in?

Jewelry and Collectibles

   1.  Stamps, coins, cameras, guns, sports memorabilia, and just about anything in a collection; all jewelry that is marital.

   2.  Is it in the possession of who gets it under the Agreement?

   3.  Is it properly insured?

Real Estate

   1.  Refinance?

   2.  Get a new mortgage?

   3.  Home Equity?

   4.  Who pays current bills, finance fees?

   5.  Who takes the tax deductions/adjustments?

   6.  Escrow refund?

   7.  Change locks?

   8.  Turn in garage door openers?

   9.  Change the alarm code?

  10.  If marital home is for sale, who pays for repairs?

  11.  How is the price negotiated?

  12.  What if it doesn’t sell right away?

  13.  How are proceeds divided?

Business and Professional Interests

   1.  What does the Agreement designate?

   2.  Buyout lump sum vs stream of payments?

         a.  How?
         b.  When?
         c.  Is it secured?
         d.  By what?
         e.  Any changes need to be made for professional licenses?

Frequent Flyer and Rewards Programs

   1. Transfer?

   2. Buyout?

   3. When?

   4. Who takes care of it?

   5. Change address, email, online, passcodes, as necessary.

Safety Deposit Boxes

   1. In whose name?

   2. Where?

   3. Empty the box/ get the keys.

Personal Property

   1. When to exchange/remove?

   2. What notifications are required?

   3. Any triggers if it’s not done?

   4. Is Mediation required if it can’t be resolved?