Broker Check

Personal Items Checklist

Email and Social Media

  1.  Set up new email accounts?

  2.  Change Facebook status.

  3.  Change email links?

  4.  Passwords?

  5.  Security questions?

  6.  Should ex or another be blocked?


  1.  New plan or phone(s) needed?

  2.  Port phone number?

  3.  Who retains phones of Children?

  4.  Who pays?


  1.  Change emergency contact?

  2.  How are Childs bills paid?

Employment Benefits

  1.  Change marital status.

  2.  Update address.

  3.  Change beneficiary designations‐ Check Agreement for restrictions.

  4.  Review W‐4 for changes in withholding.

Client’s Name

  1.  Change it?

  2.  Check Agreement for provisions.

  3.  Don’t forget all important documents!

Social Security

Change Status. Change name?


Passport, Nexus

  1.  Change name?

  2.  Change address?

Original Documents

  1.  Who will retain original of children’s documents (birth certificate, passport, medical records)?

  2.  School records?

  3.  Keep an original or certified copy of the Marriage certificate and Divorce decree