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Post-Divorce Financial Goals

Are you Comfortable with Current Advisor?

Is There a Conflict of interest?


  1.  Review and update from Statement of Net Worth based on new living situation

        a. Child support:
            I. How paid?
           II. How much?
          III. When does it change?
          IV. When does it end?
        b. Maintenance:
           I. How paid?
          II. How much?
         III. When does it end?

  2.  College costs:

       How are they allocated?

Short‐ Term Financial Goals

  1.  Present‐ 3 years out

  2.  Review investments for suitability to meet changed needs

  3.  Liquidity concerns?

  4.  Cash flow?

Long‐Term Financial Goals:

  1.  Three years out to end of child

  2.  Support and Maintenance, into Retirement , when appropriate

  3.  Is there enough income post‐maintenance?

  4.  Review retirement plans, investments for suitability.

  5.  Consider long term care plans and contingencies

  6.  Consider legacy issues